Air Cushioning

Parkside offer a range of machines and consumables that are able to produce air cushioning, including:

  • Novus
  • Pillow Pak Green
  • Mini Pak'r

If you require any information on our packaging machinary or consumables, please contact us to discuss further.


• High speed Machine (approx 12m of film per minute)
• On demand air cushions
• Cost effective
• Easy to use
• Small table top system
• Virtually maintenance free
• No compressed air required


• Versatile: the Novus machines inflates 4 types of film configurations covering a wide range of packing applications

• Air Transfer technology allowing the air to circulate from one cushion to the other, thus allowing better shock absorption.

• Handle cut perforation to easily separate the cushions

• Fast and easy to use: produces 22 metres of air cushions per minute, and film loading is especially easy

Pillow Pak Green

Wide width air cushions: Pillow Pak Green inflates to 670mm allowing to protect large products.

• High resistant film: the 44 micron thick film offers, in combination with our air transfer technology, superior cushioning and protection to the products

• Contains post-consumer recycled* high density polyethylene and are 100% recyclable, helping to reduce the impact on the environment

• Fast and easy to use, the Pillow Pak system produces 22 metres of air cushions per minute

• Cost effective: prevents over wrapping and saves on transportation. 26mm Pillow Pak Green bubble height reduces number of wraps while providing the same cushioning protection as standard bubble film. Also 2.5 pallets (60 rolls) of Pillow Pak Green are equivalent to one truck load of bubble wrap

Mini Pak’r

• Lightweight and compact

• On demand air cushions

• Plug & Play: RFID (Radio FrequencyIdentification) for ease of use

• 5 different types of air cushions available

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