Hand Strapping Tools

Available as either a separate Tensioner and sealer or a one piece Combination Tool. Separate tools are ideal for vertical or horizontal sealing. Combination tool tensions, seals and cuts all in one operation.

STD Combination

Budget combination tool for polypropylene strapping.

HD Combination

Simple and easy to use heavy duty combination tool with a high tension capacity. Optimum sealing efficiency. Ideal for 12mm and 16mm heavy grade polyprop strapping.

Tensioner & Sealer

Standard Tensioner & Sealer for polypropylene strapping.

Hand Strapping Accessories

A full range of stands and mobile trollies for hand polypropylene strapping. Mobile trolley comes complete with tray for storing seals or buckles.

Battery Powered Strapping Tool

Extremely simple to operate, at a touch of a button the strap is tensioned, sealed and cut. Ideal for strapping of cartons, pallets and bales. Available for use with either 9mm, 12mm or 15mm strapping.

Wire Tying Tool

Secures ties quickly and easily and has a rubber handle for a good grip.

Wire Ties

Wire ties have many applications and are very high strength closures. Available on both PVC coated and Annealed Copper. Lengths between 100mm - 360mm.

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