Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film is used for the protection of palletised loads for high volume applications.

Machine Film is available as standard or as Power Pre- Stretch (200%)

A full range of clear cast film for machine use on high volume applications, with a quiet unwind. Standard film is suitable for core break machines.

Machine stretch film is made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene).

Power pre-stretched film is suitable for power prestretched machines and has a stretch capability of up to 250%.

Size: Metric

Standard Stretch Micron/Type
500mm x 2100m 17 Standard
500mm x 1800m 20 Standard
500mm x 1500m 23 Standard
Power Pre Stretch Stretch/Micron
500mm x 2100m 200% 17
500mm x 1800m 200% 20
500mm x 1500m 200% 23


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