Packaging Audits

1st Class Packaging is committed to offering you the best possible service and transit packaging solutions to suit your individual requirements. To meet your needs effectively, 1st Class Packaging offer a FREE packaging audit that will allow us to get to know your business, understand your requirements and enable us to make appropriate suggestions and recommendations.

With a dedicated team of industry specialised  Regional Account Managers, we are able to advise you on where and how to save costs and improve efficiency. 1st Class Packaging will work in partnership with you to help to develop the most efficient packaging procurement and delivery process for your organisation.

We aim to help meet your company objectives; whether its minimising waste, improving processes, rationalising the range of packaging products used, managing stock or reducing the overall cost of your transit packaging.

Our service is flexible and scalable, we will integrate fully with your organisation’s operations and continually respond to meet your changing business needs; plus, we will provide you with the most suitable products and solutions at all times, with no compromise on quality.

Your packaging review will cover:

  • An assessment of your transit packaging needs
  • An evaluation of the role packaging plays in your organisation including its uses and total costs to your business
  • Stock holding assessment
  • Advice and recommendations

If you would like a free, no obligation packaging audit, please contact us for this to be arranged.



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